Acts Chapter 15, Huge!

November 18, 2008 at 1:19 pm (High School's Reading of Acts)

Okay this is of huge importance to church history.  It is here at the Council of Jerusalem that it is decided that Gentiles can become Christians without becoming Jews. Amazing, simply amazing. A turning point, where they decided being led by the Holy Spirit, that you are saved by faith alone.

What stood out to you?

And stolen from the pages of the blog Stuff Christians Like:

(Big thanks to Hucklebuck for providing today’s post, a look into the mysterious world of the church offering envelope.)

As I was reading Curtiseseses‘ post the other day, I suddenly had a flashback to the offering time in my childhood Sunday School class. You see, our church envelope was more than just a container for money; it was a spiritual interrogator. In addition to the usual blanks for name and amount, there were also several blanks to rank your Christianity over the past week. To complete your offering, you would fill in each blank with a number or check mark and then total up your score. The criteria were:

__ Giving offering
__ Brought Bible
__ Read Bible daily
__ Studied lesson
__ Attending worship service
__ Visitors brought

Honestly, I don’t know what those numbers were used for or if anyone even looked at them. The wooden leaderboard in the sanctuary never reported those numbers. Maybe some intern at the Southern Baptist Convention was tasked with developing metrics and came up with this idea. Maybe they were meant to keep you accountable. All I know is that when I was a kid, it was a competition to see who got the high score like the Galaga machine at the grocery store.

A lot has changed in 25 years. If we used those kinds of envelopes today, I imagine we would change it up a bit. Here is how I think it might look:

__ Side hugs
__ Christian blogs read
__ People you told you would pray for them
__ People you actually prayed for
__ Wore a Christian-themed t-shirt, bracelet, cap, or boxers
__ Quoted C.S. Lewis
__ Attending traditional service
__ Attending contemporary service
__ Attending blended service
__ Attending nontraditional, post-contemporary, non-fat, no-whip service
__ Christian fish on your car

So what does your church envelope look like? Is it just a place to spit out your gum before communion? Maybe it’s a place for your grocery list or the recipe for the Casserole of Hope that Sister Sue brought to the Pot Blessing. What blanks would you add?

(For more from mind of Hucklebuck, check out his blog.)


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