Acts Chapter 14, Know your audience

November 11, 2008 at 11:43 am (High School's Reading of Acts)

There is a lot of cool stuff going on in Acts chapter 14 and I hope you get the chance to comment and learn from it, but I wanted to point out what stood out to me.

If you notice when Paul begins to preach he never mentions Crucifixion or even Jesus Christ at all.  The heart of the Christian message is Christ and his Resurrection. Paul gave them, basically, a good Jewish sermon.  He did so because he kept his audience in mind.  If they assumed he and Baranabus were gods, they had no real knowledge of who God really is.  The thing that impressed the folks at Lystra the most was that the sight of two men who did something they could not do.  They were prepared to worship Paul and Barnabus.

Because of this Paul’s sermon was extremely basic and talked about how God had revealed himself to man and was alive and had a relationship with his people. A very cool and foreign concept to some Greeks at this time.   Remember when you are sharing your faith to remember who you are sharing it with,  know them and by shaping your message around what applies to them you will show them greater love.

Also remember how easily the world idolizes anything and everything that is extraordinary. We even as Christians do it.  The world idolizes political figures, businesses, brands, family even. Basically anything under the sun that isn’t God  can be made a false idol. Even preachers who are working in God’s name.


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